An Introduction to Necessary Exposure read by creator Jody Christopherson

Jody Christopherson photo by Zachary Oberzan
Jody Christopherson photo by Zachary Oberzan

JOIN US AT DIXON PLACE to view the portraits: 

An introduction to Necessary Exposure: The Female Playwright Project by photographer and creator, Jody Christopherson

This is what a playwright looks like. I want you see them. When you seek plays to program, scripts to buy, curriculum to teach, I want you to remember.

Necessary Exposure: The Female Playwright Project is a portrait and sound installation, which brings visibility to playwrights who identify as female. Through portraits and sound plays we bring awareness to what remains to be widely seen and heard.

Last January the first Necessary Exposure installation was mounted, and thanks to your interest and support, a new one opens  Sept 1st, 7pm at Dixon Place (161A Chrystie Street)!  Announced here in Broadway World!

Each installation employs a collage element of photos and text. For this installation we will be using photos and sound. I’m beyond thrilled to be teaming up with Director/Sound Designer Natalie Johnsonius Neubert, who is creating gorgeous sound plays, which can be downloaded anywhere in the world.

All the plays, which are sound designed excerpts of each playwright’s work, (either read by the playwrights or a cast of their choice). For opening night, Sept 1st, Dixon Place is giving us their MainStage to present sound immersions every 30 minutes. This is going to be a type of sensory deprivation to bring a heightened awareness to what remains to be seen. Audience members are invited get a cocktail, take a seat, and listen in darkness to the excerpts. (Breaks in between each section to freshen your drinks!)

Listen to excerpts of each writers work at:

This installation can be seen/heard anywhere in the world. Please visit Dixon Place and share it widely.

Photography and concept by Jody Christopherson.

Sound plays recorded and designed by Natalie Johnsonius Neubert

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