Playwright Casey Llewellyn

Necessary Exposure photo by Jody Christopherson-12This portrait was on display at Dixon Place. It is part of Necessary Exposure’s 3rd installation which explores what it means to be writing for the theater as a woman at this moment in history.

Click below to listen to an excerpt of Casey’s play O’Earth, read by Casey Llewellyn and Ren Evans. Sound Design by Martha Goode.

“I am staging the worlds I want to inhabit.”

Casey Llewellyn is a writer and theater maker whose work interrogates identity, collectivity and form. Works for theatre include: O, Earth (commissioned and produced by The Foundry Theatre at HERE, January/February 2016)The Body which is the Town, Zaide!Obsession PieceThe Quiet WayExisting Conditions (co-written with Claudia Rankine), and I Love Dick, an adaptation for theater of the book by Chris Kraus. Performance works include: I Am Bleeding All Over the Place: A Living History Tour (conceived by Brooke O’Harra, co-written with her, La Mama June 2016), Come in. Be with me. Don’t touch me. and Piece for Vibrating Chair. Casey is a New Georges Affiliated Artist. Her essay “What We Could Do With Writing” appears in The Racial Imaginary: Writers on Race in the Life of the Mind, edited by Claudia Rankine, Beth Loffreda, and Max King Cap. Her collaboration with Claudia Rankine “Theatre of intimacy and abandon” is forthcoming in Imagined Theatres: Writing for a Theoretical Stage, edited by Daniel Sack (Routledge 2017).

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