Playwright Ayesha Jordan

Necessary Exposure photo by Jody Christopherson Playwirght Ayesha Jordan as Shasta Geaux Pop-4.jpg

This portrait was on display at Dixon Place. It is part of Necessary Exposure’s 3rd installation which explores what it means to be writing for the theater as a woman at this moment in history.

Click below to listen to an excerpt from Shasta Geaux Pop, read by Shasta Geaux Pop. Sound Design by Martha Goode.

“I want us to travel together, to move together. . . we’re going on a journey. . . will you ride with me?”

Who is Shasta? Shasta Geaux Pop, born Shastina Adrina Degeaux, grew up in a small town in Louisiana by the name of New Iberia. Birthed on the 17th of August, 1982 to Donald Degeaux and Evaline August Degeaux. Shasta is an only child from a modest background. Her parents were middle middle class. Her father owns a small plumbing company, and her mother is a still life painter, and day care assistant. Growing up she quickly realized that small town life just wasn’t for her. She found it stifling and full of fear. She attended public schools most of her adolescent career with the exception of preschool where she attended a private catholic school that she was kicked out of for having too strong a will. Her teacher made an attempt to change the way Shastina held her pencil which she absolutely disagreed with and she proceeded to inform the teacher of her inability to comprehend the possibility that her penmanship posture had no effect on the beauty of her writing and it was quite ridiculous that someone of such a small mind would attempt to thwart the development of the next potential A.B. Endress, or Mary L. Champion (famous penmans). At this her teacher was extremely taken aback and quite frankly put to shame, and thus began a downhill battle for Shastina at this school where she would soon be removed.
How did Shasta become…Shasta? Shasta would eventually  make her way to the big city. NYC!!! Inspired by her surroundings she took to the cities culture and vibrance and made it part of her everyday existence. She found herself taking long walks getting lost in all that the city could offer her. Its neighborhoods, eateries, abandoned buildings, museums, etc. She once decided to spend an entire day walking borough to borough. She didn’t make the 5th as the blisters on her feet and holes in her shoes made her realize maybe she should stop. It was this walk that helped her realize that she wanted to meet the world. From that moment forward she dedicated all of her time and energy to developing her career, and her music. Shasta always had a penchant for satire and entertainment, and thought well why not reach the masses through the mediums that she loves. She found her muse through pop culture and the everyday hustle and bustle of the world around her. Shasta dug deep down inside to excavate and talk about the topics not everyone wants to tackle and do it with a twist. Well, quite frankly she was was mining for gold, and thus the star was born.
Who is Shasta now? Shasta Geaux Pop is beyond diva. So, what is Shasta to do when given the time, space, and audience to do whatever she wants to do? Shasta might discuss “the do”, she might sing about “the do”, or just show you how to “do”. Or she’ll just “do” whatever her heart damn well pleases.  Shasta Geaux Pop is an “experience”. She loves her adoring fans, lovers, punks, copycats and anyone else looking for a raucous time. She mixes theatrics, music, comedy, outrageous costumes, and pop culture commentary. She is the flavor you want to savor. Shasta is like a scratch and sniff that never fades.

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