Playwright Sara Farrington

Necessary Exposure photo by Jody Christopherson-1

This portrait was on display at Dixon Place. It is part of Necessary Exposure’s 3rd installation which explores what it means to be writing for the theater as a woman at this moment in history.

Click below to listen to an excerpt of Sara’s play Near Vicksburg, read by Roger Dominic Casey, Zoë Van Tieghem and Stephanie Regina. Sound Design by Martha Goode.

“Just remember this: Work your ass off. Do it yourself. Never, ever, ever take “no” for an answer.”

Sara Farrington is a New York based playwright, living in Maplewood, NJ. She is a theater evangelist and relentless DIY-er. Sara is passionate about writing big plays about big characters, twisting the form, never doing the same thing twice. She received her MFA in Playwriting from Brooklyn College with Mac Wellman.

Sara is a current HARP Artist at HERE Arts Center to create CasablancaBox, an exploration of the making of America’s favorite movie. CasablancaBox is directed by Reid Farrington and had workshop showings at HERE Arts Center’s CULTUREMART 2015 & 2016, and will premiere April 5th-29th, 2017.

 Recent and upcoming plays include:

 CasablancaBox, opening soon!

Leisure, Labor, Lust, about 3 days in New York in 1907, will be presented at The Mount, Edith Wharton’s estate in Lenox, MA, first in January and again in Sept 2017, directed by Marina McClure. The play was has been workshopped at HERE, JACK and The Mount.

Cosmicomics, is piece for kids inspired by characters and ideas from Italo Calvino’s collection of short stories by the same name. This episodic piece was commissioned by The Flea Theater and will be presented as part of their new children’s program, Cereals, in 2017. Directed by Marina McClure.

The Return, directed by new media artist Reid Farrington, celebrates the historic and scientifically groundbreaking restoration of Tullio Lombardo’s Adam (ca. 1490–95), one of the greatest sculptures of the High Renaissance at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. The piece ran July/Aug 2015.

Near Vicksburg, about love and war in a cave in Vicksburg premiered at Incubator Arts Project, with subsequent showings at Walkerspace, Foxy Films and The Wild Project.  Requiem For Black Marie, about the Brecht Machine premiered at Incubator Arts Project, Foxy Films and Stella Adler Studios, directed by Paul Takacs.

 Mickey & Sage, about 2 kids, played by adults, making sense of the universe premiered at Incubator Arts Project with workshops and showings at Foxy Films, Great Plains Theater Conference, National Theater Institute @ O’Neill Center. The play had its regional premiere at the ShelterBelt Theater in Omaha, NE. Mickey & Sage is published by Broadway Play Publishing, Inc.

1001 Nights, a hybrid video adaption of The One Thousand and One Nights, which attempts to adapt every single story in the epic using story and film. This work will be supported by the TheatreWorks Residency at CityTech, 2017/2018. This piece is directed by Reid Farrington, with music by Gity Razaz and in collaboration with Luke DuBois.


Other work includes:

The Vultures (Weasel Festival)

That Stays There (Great Plains Theater Conference, Bushwick Starr Reading Series, Little Theater @ Dixon Place),

The Death of Evie Avery (FringeNYC),

The Rise & Fall of Miles & Milo (FringeNYC, winner: Outstanding Playwriting).

Sara’s work has been funded by the New York State Council for the Arts, The Axe-Houghton Foundation and The Arch & Bruce Brown Foundation.

 She produces workshop versions of her own work at Foxy Films, her work space in Downtown Brooklyn. She lives in Maplewood, New Jersey with husband Reid Farrington and little sons Jack Reiss and Frederick Levi. Sara is a runner, an avid reader, a lover of history and music. She can probably beat you at Simpsons knowledge and is trying to get off Facebook.

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