An Introduction to Necessary Exposure Installation No. 3

Jody Christopherson photo by Zachary Oberzan-1
Jody Christopherson photo by Zachary Oberzan




Transcript of the recorded Introduction;


Hi. I’m Jody Christopherson, the creator and photographer of Necessary Exposure: The Female Playwright Project, which you are listening to and/ or viewing right now.

We are a series of photographic portraits and sound installations. I take these photos, do this work to bring visibility to playwrights. This is what a playwright looks like. I want you to see them. When you seek plays to produce, artists to commission, curriculum to teach, I want you to remember.

Martha Goode has recorded and designed these sound plays you’ll be hearing so that we can amplify the voices of female identifying playwrights, writing at this time in history.

As I write this, it’s Feburary 7th, 2017 in New York.

A lot has happened this year already. A lot has been happening for decades. History, culture, change are made by those who control what is written about them and what access the public has to that information. Theater is an opportunity, like no other, for writers to connect directly with our audiences and create worlds together. Yet only 1/5 of the plays produced in America are written by female playwrights. Why are so few women produced when they account for over 50% of ticket sales? There is a belief that there simply aren’t enough in the “pipeline” right now.

My father was a well driller. So I know, as do you, that a pipe is structure that runs underground. I don’t want these voices underground. I want them in our theaters, I want them our non-traditional site-specific spaces, I want them in our audition rooms, our schools, our conversations. Necessary Exposure is an amplification system for that purpose. We share these words, these artists with you, and ask that you become our speakers.

If you like an excerpt you hear and want to see more, read the full play, get in touch with one of our playwrights, commission or bring an installation to your city contact us at and visit us on line at

View the current exhibit while you stream the plays at Dixon Place, on view through March 6th.

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